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Explorers Wanted Under the Sea

Explorers Wanted!

About This Book

Head up a diving expedition- in search for sunken treasure.

You’ll be diving around the reef-fringed South Seas island of Motorua, looking for the wreck of the SS Desdemona that sunk in a storm in 1909. The island lies along a geological fault line and its coral reefs plunge down a steep rift wall to far deeper than anyone could ever dive without some really special equipment. To explore the reef, the wall and its depths, you are going to need training.

Is the SS Desdemona going to be impossible to find? What kind of treasure are you trying to find in her watery grave?

You are going to need to know about what you might find in the ocean and how to survive where there is no air to breathe and thousands of tons of water pressure pushing in at you