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Explorers Wanted on Safari

Explorers Wanted!

About This Book

Mount an expedition through the African bush to find what the tribes of the interior know as ‘Mosai-aa-Tunya’ whatever that is!…

The name roughly translates as ‘ The Smoke that thunders’. It’s said to be a magical place where the spirits live. No one has travelled that far before though some of the nomadic Mkosi people, who herd cattle in the thorn-scrub beyond the great lake, say that on still days they can hear a deep rumbling sound and that clouds form over the Northern hills.

What is ‘Mosai-aa-Tunya’? Is it the home of supernatural spirits or some fantastic geological phenomenon?

You’ll need to know how to survive, the dangers you’ll meet and how to make contact with the Mkosi, the only people who might be able to help you find. ‘The Smoke that Thunders’