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Explorers Wanted in the Himalayas

Explorers Wanted!

About This Book

The Mission: Be the first person to climb ‘Dangiroba’. It’s not the highest peak or even the hardest to climb, but like many summits, until now it has just been too out of the way and difficult to get to. There are no roads within easy reach. There’ll be rivers to cross, perilous cliff-edge trails to traverse and then there are the dark, creepy forests, rumoured home of the legendary beast-man, the Yeti.…

You’ll have to cross the infamous Lohtang pass and enter the isolated valley of Polpo where the people herd Yaks and drink their tea mixed with Yak butter.

Finally you’ll attempt your ascent of Dangiroba, climbing ice and rock, so high up that you’ll be gasping for breath at every step in the thin air. Watching out for avalanches that can sweep you away, you’ll have to cross crevasse-strewn snowfields then climb to the summit. It will be an adventure at the edge of human capabilities. Are you up to the challenge?