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Explorers Wanted in the Desert

Explorers Wanted!

About This Book

The Tuareg camel caravans of the deep desert have avoided the Ahaggan massif over the years. There was no water or forage for their animals. It was too easy to lose yourself in the treacherous terrain. Until recently that is…

Forced to shelter in the rocks by a sudden sandstorm, a group of nomads, separated from their caravan made a startling discovery. WATER. Cool and fresh and lots of it. When they finally made it out of the sand sea and hammada rock fields, the men told stories of a lost canyon with a lake and even a waterfall. Seeing the state the men were in when they were found, few believed their story especially as they could not explain how to get back to the valley.

So what is the truth? Could there really be a waterfall in the desert? This is what you’ve set yourself to find out. Getting there will be some adventure. Just how will you start?